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High Fives

Offering in-person sessions in Calgary 
Online sessions available
for clients in Alberta

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Speech Support

  • Do you have concerns regarding clarity of speech?

  • Do listeners have difficulty understanding your message?

  • We offer support for articulation and phonological delays and disorders. 

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Language Support

  • Do you have concerns regarding speaking and understanding?

  • Would you like to improve vocabulary, grammar or communication skills in general?

  • Do you have concerns regarding understanding, answering questions or following instructions? 

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Orofacial Myology

  • Approximately 80% of individuals with speech difficulties have an accompanying orofacial myological disorder.

  • Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy addresses the underlying issue, providing a positive solution for speech sound difficulties, thumb sucking, incorrect swallow patterns, and atypical rest posture of the tongue and lips. 

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Literacy Support

  • Do you have concerns with spelling or sounding out words?

  • Underlying speech and language issues can have an impact on reading and writing skills. A speech pathologist can help.

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  • Would you like to improve the flow of your speech? 

  • Mastering fluency strategies can equip you with tools and confidence to manage and overcome moments of stuttering.

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Executive Functioning

  • Do you have trouble starting and completing tasks and school assignments, planning, staying organized, or managing your time? 

  • Learn strategies to help manage your day and get tasks done. 


A Holistic, Efficient Approach

“In a single session, my daughter had a breakthrough.״ 

Adrienne C.

Dedicated and Caring

“The skills my son has learned over the years helped boost his confidence and improved his speech a lot.״ 

Maria F.

Engaging Activities

“We've learned helpful strategies in our sessions and my son always has fun during the activities. He's constantly asking when his next session is!״ 

Christina H.

Fostering Confident Communication
One Session at a Time

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