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Speech pathology services are covered

by most health insurance plans.
Check with your provider for details.


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Do I need a referral?

Clients can self-refer and do not require a doctor's referral. Some insurance plans may require a referral to provide coverage. Please check with your provider regarding your specific plan. 

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Where do sessions take place?

Most clients prefer to have sessions in their own home. This is typically the most comfortable and natural environment. Clinic based sessions may be an option. Please inquire for more information.

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What does a session look like?

For children, sessions are play-based and inspired by the child's interests. Activities are set up to incorporate the child's goals and include as many practice opportunities of targeted skills as possible. 

For older children and adults, activities are relevant to school, work and everyday activities.

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How long and how frequent are sessions?

We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute online sessions and 60 minute in-person sessions. 
The frequency of sessions is dependent upon goals and progress. Weekly sessions are suitable for some clients and biweekly or monthly may be a better fit for others. Frequency can be determined after the initial visit.

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What are your fees?

Services are billed at $150 per hour. This includes direct treatment or assessment time, meetings, and report writing. Mileage is billed at 60 cents per kilometer to your home. 


Services are covered by most health insurance plans. 


Speech therapy is also a tax deductible medical expense.  

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Is funding available?

Funding may be available for children depending on their age and profile. We are happy to provide information regarding options and eligibility and can give guidance during the application process if needed. 

We have experience providing assessments to help your child's preschool or day care apply for Program Unit Funding (PUF) for children aged 2 years; 8 months to 4 years; 8 months. 


Pricing Plans
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